This recording is of a livestream performance of Awaiting Tiresias that took place on September 7, 2022 as part of the Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts Conference. Unfortunately, our technology did not record the first few minutes of that performance, so I have edited in footage from a dress rehearsal the night before. The change happens when the name ‘Kelly Walker’ is replaced in Zoom by ‘Awaiting Tiresias.’ While one day we hope to provide them during the performance itself, in this case we had to add captioning and audio description in post-production. Awaiting Tiresias was created during the COVID-19 pandemic and designed to be able to be performed by only two people since it takes place in a very tight space.

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Author Information

Heather May is Professor of Theatre at Hobart and William Smith Colleges (HWS). They are the Artistic Director of the social justice theatre company Mosaic NY and were a resident artist at Indy Convergence (2019) and a participant in La MaMa Umbria International Directors Symposium (2014, 2017), Dell’Arte International Summer Intensive (2015), Pig Iron Theatre’s Something from Nothing workshop (2018), and Directors Labs North and West. May’s directing credits include Memories of Overdevelopment, Waiting for Godot, The Etymology of Bird, Duchess, and Lysistrata. May works increasingly in video, creating projects such as an online puppet voting series (JustCoVote), livestream solo performance Awaiting Tiresias, and a short film by the same name. May’s book chapter ‘When I Can’t See You at the Theatre: Creating Inclusive Processes for Vision-Impaired Performers’ was published in the Routledge Anthology Inclusivity and Equality in Performance Training: Teaching and Learning for Neuro and Physical Diversity (2021).


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