Welcome to our 5th issue of BST. In this issue we not only maintain our innovative approach to arts practice and theory, we also introduce a whole new range of discussions and analysis from prominent practitioners and theorists around the world. In our contemporary times, it is interesting to note that we are again focussing on issues that affect us all regardless of culture or race. Even though the focus of this journal is and remains interdisciplinary and we welcome diversity, it is worth noting that due to extreme circumstances, there appears to be a certain homogeneity amongst theorists and artists in their opposition to recent imperialistic tendencies.

On a brighter note, we would like to welcome to our editorial board, Susan Melrose and Michael Bridger from Middlesex University and Jeff

Nyhoff from Calvin College. We would also like to welcome Aleksandar Dundjerovic (Sasha) as associate editor, in keeping with the journal's diverse approach, knowing that his intercultural and central European perspective will contribute to this journal.

We would like to thank Jo Machon, our sub editor, who has generously contributed time and effort to this journal since its inception and congratulate her on the award of her much-deserved doctorate. Again we would like to thank Ben Jarlett for his technical expertise.

As usual we welcome any feedback from the journal layout and accessibility and we would like to reiterate that there is no subscription charge and we remain committed to a non-themed journal. Please see submission page for how and when to submit.

Sue Broadhurst, Sasha Dundjerovic and Barry Edwards


SUE BROADHURST, Brunel University

BARRY EDWARDS, Brunel University


JOSEPHINE MACHON, Brunel University




PAUL ALLAIN, University of Kent

JOHANNES BIRRINGER, Ohio State University

RICHARD BOWDEN, VVR Lab - Brunel University

MIKE BRIDGER, Middlesex University

RENATO COHEN, State University of Sao Paulo

JACKIE DAY, Independent Artist - London

STEVE DIXON, University of Salford

JOHN FREEMAN, De Montfort University

ANTHONY HOWELL, Independent Artist and Critic - London

GEOFF HYLAND, University of Cape Town

TANYA KRZYWINSKA, Brunel University

SUSAN MELROSE, Middlesex University

HELEN PARIS, Brunel University

MAGGI PHILLIPS, Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts

RICHARD POVALL, Independant Artist, UK

MARY RICHARDS, Brunel University

HORST RUTHROF, Murdoch University, Western Australia

ANA SANCHEZ-COLBERG, Central School of Speech and Drama, London

BARRY SMITH, Nottingham Trent University

SHELLEY SACKS, Oxford Brookes University

PHILIP STANIER, Brunel University

ROB TAYLOR, University of Arizona, US

VAZKRESSIA VICHAROVA, New Bulgarian University

TRACEY WARR, Dartington College of Arts

PHILLIP ZARRILLI, University of Exeter



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